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my god, it's full of stars
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30th-Sep-2010 10:48 pm - Question
simple snail
Can anyone recommend a website that tells what house the moon is transiting for each sign?
30th-Nov-2009 12:07 pm - I found this great horoscope app.
A friend sent me this link below for a East west horoscope personality profile. Does any one

know of any other free ones?

"visit http://www.iconjurecandles.co.uk/eastwesthoroscope/index.html - Or on Facebook,

http://apps.facebook.com/eastwesthoroscope "
10th-Jun-2008 04:31 am - daily degree symbols project
sarah's palm
hello everyone,

i started a daily degree symbols project a couple months ago in an older journal that i repurposed for this use, aspetta . i originally invited friends of my personal journal to join in the project either as onlookers or casual commentators, but i realized today that i might have much richer participation if i sent the invite out to astrology communities.  so, i hope that this isn't inappropriate or against community rules, but some people here with a little bit more advanced interest in the degrees of the zodiac might be interested in lurking or taking part.

here's my unlocked journal entry where i discuss what the degree symbols project is and what i (at least at the time) intended to do with it.

basically i'm working with sabian, kozminksy, sepharial and charubel symbols. 
i'm trying to do these everyday, but sometimes (as most of this month's sun transit through gemini will attest), life gets in the way and i might miss some days. 

anyone who wants to join and participate please take a gander and add the journal aspetta to your f-list.  i'll most welcome any insights, comments, etc anyone has about the symbols, the project, or things astro-related.
hello community.

recently pluto has moved into capricorn, which means that, for me, it's transiting my 2nd house and is in direct opposition to my natal jupiter and mars in cancer. I'm having a hell of a time with this transit. i'm nervous **all** the time (and not just regular-virgo nervous!) and intensely angry -- a deep scorpionic anger, the seething vengeful kind, utterly disproportionate to whatever is pissing me off in that moment. i'm having trouble controlling my temper, and one of these days, if i don't get a handle on it, i'm gonna fly into a rage over something and get myself in alot of trouble.

i'm hoping to get a little break as pluto retros back into sag, but that's only a temporary solution. this opposition is going to be with me for quite some time, as pluto moves very slowly. one weird thing about this particular aspect is that there's scorpio energy on both ends, with mars and pluto in the mix. it's really hard to explain, but i feel this tenuous sort of energy within me, pulling at me all the time, it's nuts.... i'm thinking that i need to use this "break" to reflect on this aspect and figure out how to deal with it -- which is why i turn to you, lj-astrologers. what are your thoughts on this opposition? any tips on how to handle it? anything jump to mind about pluto oppositions? my natal chart with transits for today is under the cutCollapse ).

thanks millions.
1st-May-2008 04:17 pm - mooolah
Does anyone have the web address of that guy who studies stock market astrology? shaska posted it sometime last year or so, and I have forgotten it.
the Moon and Stars
Hi, folks. I've had an interesting experience recently.

I became affiliated with a local metaphysical shoppe and began to offer astrological readings through it, however in a complicated discussion with the owner of that shoppe I was recently informed that some people feel my readings are "negative." I find this concept terribly intersting and am interested in hearing some of your opinions.

I sometimes joke that the nature of my readings is to tell people how and why they're neurotic. Of course, that's not the entire process that is at work in the interpretation of an astrological chart, but some of it is involved. I believe people consult astrologers, healers, clergymen, psychotherapists, and other kinds of professionals when they are in times of crisis, and that we do a great disservice to others when we take payment for telling them that they are wonderful and that everything is going to be fine. I'll cut this entry here as I don't know how long it will become.

Read more...Collapse )How do you relate to negativity? How are your Sun, IC, and Neptune proportioned?
8th-Oct-2007 04:39 pm - solar vs. natal houses
sarah's palm
can someone please shed some light on interpretive reading in transits as regards solar houses versus one's natal house?  for example, mars is in my "solar" sixth house right now, but natally is transiting the tail end of my first house.  when reading transits (or even susan miller's astrology zone forecast for the month), i'm always a little confused on how to read between these two seeming discrepancies.  does one carry more weight than the other?  i'm assuming whatever's transiting my natal chart is more important than my "solar" chart, but it's still confusing.  anyone have any thoughts?
25th-Jul-2007 09:15 am - Have you heard?
Gemini after sex
Elsa of http://elsaelsa.com/ posts a daily advise blog based on astrology. She accepts questions on the site and answers them for free. She also posts a wealth of information about what's happening in the skies for all of us at any given time as well as some interesting anecdotes from her own life. I loved her Saturn/Neptune thread and am looking forward to reading what she has to say about Saturn moving into Virgo.

Jupiter is turning direct, Venus is turning retro and there's an Aquarius full moon in a couple of days. Meanwhile the Saturn/Neptune opposition is quickly moving apart. Lots going on in the skies these days and I'm thrilled about it. If you've got questions, go ask Elsa! And if you are interested in learning more about astrology in a fun, painless way then start reading her daily. She manages to thread astrology into every story she tells and she's a master at spinning a tale.
Lately I've been trying to keep abreast of the planets' doing their transits and whatnot through my houses. Here is what I noticed today (as of today at Noon in my time zone, EST):

2nd House (Possessions)

Current Neptune is retrograde at 21 Aquarius 35, and is conjunct my natal South Node (22 Aquarius 28)

Current N. Node is at 09 Pisces 47
Current Uranus is retrograde at 18 Pisces 38

3rd House (Intellect)

Current Moon is at 00 Aries 37

4th House (Home)

Current Mars is at 08 Taurus 27 (one of the few direct planets lately!)

6th House (Health)

Current Mercury is retrograde at 02 Cancer 57

7th House (Partnerships)

Current Sun is at 14 Cancer 13

8th House (Sexuality)

Current Saturn is at 22 Leo 55 and is conjunct my natal N. Node (22 Leo 28)

Current Venus is at 25 Leo 44 (maybe also conjunct Current Saturn?)
Current S. Node is at 09 Virgo 47

11th House (Friendships)

Current Jupiter is retrograde at 11 Sagittarius 24

12th House (Unconscious)

Current Pluto is retrograde at 27 Sagittarius 12, and may end up being conjunct my natal Neptune (retrograde at 20 Sagittarius 54) and natal Moon (19 Sagittarius 12), although I don't know when (if it does).

Any thoughts?

(Cross-posted to astrology)

P.S. Here is my natal chart, for reference:

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25th-Jun-2007 12:38 pm - Composite and synastry
Captain bonnie
Understanding the differences between these charts, I've generally found that compatible synastries also lead to compatible composites and incompatible to incompatible.

What would you say, however, if the synastry showed little compatibility, but the composite showed a very strong and happy relationship?

Could this be indicative of a scenario in which two people are generally awkward not really able to get along with anyone, and yet when together, add up to a much stronger whole?

I'm confuzzled.
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