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solar vs. natal houses 
8th-Oct-2007 04:39 pm
sarah's palm
can someone please shed some light on interpretive reading in transits as regards solar houses versus one's natal house?  for example, mars is in my "solar" sixth house right now, but natally is transiting the tail end of my first house.  when reading transits (or even susan miller's astrology zone forecast for the month), i'm always a little confused on how to read between these two seeming discrepancies.  does one carry more weight than the other?  i'm assuming whatever's transiting my natal chart is more important than my "solar" chart, but it's still confusing.  anyone have any thoughts?
9th-Oct-2007 04:26 am (UTC)
All horoscopes that are written for general sun signs use solar houses, basically in absense of natal houses. Solar houses assume that your sun sign is your first house, and just count around the signs from there. While many people will tell you that solar charts are very effective, and they are, they are just not as good as using the natal houses. So as far as weight, go with the natal. However, when reading monthly forecasts such as the astrology zone you are speaking of, a great trick is to read the forecast your rising sign instead of (or in addition to) your sun sign. That way the planetary placements they are speaking of are much more likely to match up to your actual natal transits.
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