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transiting pluto opposition to 8th house jupiter & mars 
17th-May-2008 10:32 pm
hello community.

recently pluto has moved into capricorn, which means that, for me, it's transiting my 2nd house and is in direct opposition to my natal jupiter and mars in cancer. I'm having a hell of a time with this transit. i'm nervous **all** the time (and not just regular-virgo nervous!) and intensely angry -- a deep scorpionic anger, the seething vengeful kind, utterly disproportionate to whatever is pissing me off in that moment. i'm having trouble controlling my temper, and one of these days, if i don't get a handle on it, i'm gonna fly into a rage over something and get myself in alot of trouble.

i'm hoping to get a little break as pluto retros back into sag, but that's only a temporary solution. this opposition is going to be with me for quite some time, as pluto moves very slowly. one weird thing about this particular aspect is that there's scorpio energy on both ends, with mars and pluto in the mix. it's really hard to explain, but i feel this tenuous sort of energy within me, pulling at me all the time, it's nuts.... i'm thinking that i need to use this "break" to reflect on this aspect and figure out how to deal with it -- which is why i turn to you, lj-astrologers. what are your thoughts on this opposition? any tips on how to handle it? anything jump to mind about pluto oppositions? my natal chart with transits for today is under the .my transit chart 5/17/08.

thanks millions.
29th-Jun-2008 10:53 pm (UTC)
Dear Virgin,

I haven't looked at this community in a little while so didn't see your post until today, but I am interested in your chart and this transit. Interestingly, my own 8th house Mars is also getting hit by Pluto, except it is by square rather than opposition. It has been a very difficult experience thus far and it is far from being finished.

One easy thing that I think can help us live and deal with Pluto is to remember that Pluto sometimes does the handling, and that we can't really "handle" or "manage" it in a traditional way of using those terms. What we can do is become aware of Pluto within ourselves, that is, become aware of what we fear to be the greatest threat to the survival and dominance of the ego. It has the capacity to be a very scary and painful process, but it seems to be one of the only alternatives to breakdown or becoming highly conventional, which both seem to be popular methods of dealing with Pluto (respectively, breakdown and conventionality might run parallel with the offensive and defensive responses to Pluto, which I think is essentially a kind of survival mechanism of the collective). I think that when we experience outrage during a Pluto transit, what we really are raging against are threats to the materialisation of the Neptunian utopia of an eternity in paradise. But Pluto is not so one-sided and simple, as it simultaneously is the defense and the threat.

Let's think about what it might mean to have Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Cancer in the 8th house so that we can get a better idea of what Pluto may do to it. I have a suspicion that you were brought up in an environment which taught you to value material success, status, recognition, and achievement of a mundane kind. The Moon in Taurus in the sixth house trine Sun in Virgo in ten describe parents who were probably very dutiful and did all the 'right' things, but were very materialistic and expected success of this kind from you. I would suspect that a tradition, trade, business, or other legacy of the family was either overtly or perhaps more subtly and covertly pushed upon you from a young age.

So this paints a portrait of a background that might be conducive to the repression and sublimation of Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Cancer, which would imply that you would experience a sense of meaningfulness, potency, purpose, and independance as the result of establishing a family of your own. So even though the Pluto transit is not setting off any of your parental significators by major aspect right now, I have a sense that you are feeling forced to choose between family and career. Don't forget that your Saturn return is still active although to a very limited degree compared to a couple of years ago. This transit would be reminding you that if you don't measure up, your life might never be meaningful or worthwhile. But it wouldn't be until your 8th house was ruptured by a Pluto transit that the crisis of what sort of accomplishment is most in demand would come to the forefront.
29th-Jun-2008 10:54 pm (UTC)
I suspect that the rage you are feeling is a jealous kind of rage against people who are able to live out your own unrealised wishes, unconscious or ignored aspirations, or your unlived psychic life. It may also be a rage against people who fail to show appreciation for things which you value very highly, but have not yet acknowledged you value in such a capacity. Remember that the 8th house concerns those values which are so unconscious that they have to be experienced through others. Are you raging at people who are enjoying life and themselves? Are you raging at people who are expressing their sexuality without remorse? Are you raging at people who make important sacrifices so that they can better tend to their families?

In 1985ish-8ish, you wouldn't have been old enough to really argue properly against the dynamic that was being pushed upon you, but during that time your T-square was being aspected by Pluto. When I see an aspect like I T-square, I think of a dynamic that is very, very old, which has perhaps been in the family inheritance for a long time (especially when it is placed in fixed signs). I feel that the T-square involving Uranus, Venus, and the Moon implies that the shared psychic stuff between you and your mother involves a disidentification with the concept of woman as mother (Moon) and the concept of woman as lover (Venus). Because Uranus is in the 12th house, there is an implication that for many generations past, the body and its functions have been rejected at the expense of ideological, political or intellectual pursuits or ambitions of some kind, or at least that this value trumped the former. Uranus is a problem belonging to the collective and to the ancestry which has brought on the rejection of nature, the body, and its instincts and functions, and now Pluto is furious against this slight.

To some extent, the Moon-Uranus aspect fates you similarly to your mother, to find the reality of motherhood to be somewhat coarse and apalling, and to have difficulty mustering up any authentic maternal feeling; to find the reality of relationship and partnership equally coarse and to do a kind of come here/go away dance with any partner you may involve yourself with; however I suspect that the breaking of a very old family pattern is a duty fated to you. I get the feeling that you've been split in two in regard to which end of the polarity you were going to play ever since Pluto set off your T-square some years ago, but that your own highest values are forced into exposure while Pluto is in the second and hitting some 8th house planets.

I suspect I know how painful this might be, as like I mentioned, my 8th house is getting hit by Pluto too and I'm ready to jump off a bridge.

I hope that something I have said has been helpful in some capacity. I am very surprised that no one commented on your chart before as I think it tells a very interesting story. Has everyone gone to sleep?
9th-Jun-2009 08:35 pm (UTC) - Pluto >> 8-th...

I respond to a text concerning PLUTO OPP. JUPITER to which you responded a while ago / 2008.
You answered a pledge from 'anonymousvirgin' who had the Pl opp. Jup and Mars.

I have the transit now from Pluto in 2 to Jupiter in 8 Cap >> Cancer and soon also PL conjunct Mars.
I feel so insecure and lonely, and a kindof jealous rage (mentioned before in the texts) it is either crying out or being angry,
How are you now ?

Best For Now, TPIAG, 55 Amsterdam NL.
3rd-Jul-2009 11:04 am (UTC) - Re: Pluto >> 8-th...
Pluto brings about a sense of isolation, as it breaks down and destroys much of in this charts case, 2nd house issues, of values, assets, income, taxes, and/or 8th house issues, such as sex, death, occult and the afterlife. The Virgo-Cancer planets, usually is a person with conservative values, and whose nature tends to be perfectionist.

Possibly someone(s) you were close to died, or you lost a loved one in other ways, divorce, separation, etc. I tend to feel there is a feeling of being cutoff socially, just not connecting. This actually shows in the natal chart with the Square from Natal Pluto in Libra, to the Jupiter/Mars combo in Cancer.

Pluto transits are met to transform, and when in hard aspects, its tough, because of some karmic condition, that is resisting transformation. This is actually happening on a large skill in the USA chart, as Pluto is making a return to natal position in Capricorn, where it is in opposition to USA Sun, Venus in Cancer. What do we have, loss of jobs, a economy breakdown, and lots of fear, to point of paranoia, from real or imagined enemies.

We generally are are own worst enemy, as hard as that is to admit to ourselves. I was born with Full Moon in Scorpio and Have pluto in 8th house, so understand pluto very well. The first half my life was just a disaster, but, after 30 I became increasingly spiritual, and began pursuing deeper mystical truths. I too got cut off from roots, but, in my case necessary, then under a pluto transit 12th house, I lost my closest loved ones, and left to fend for myself.

Those years of being pretty much a hermit, I was able to work out a lot of my own karma, see where I had made many misjudgements and mistakes in relatinships, and truly in resulted in an amazing transformation of my being. Now I can be alone but not feel lonely-as I'm so centered and connected to something much more valuable within, I call the soul. HGA.

When I got that, then I met somebody who was truly a perfect match for the real me. The real me, whom I formerly didn't really know as I thought I did.

I hope that makes a little sense,
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