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my god, it's full of stars
daily degree symbols project 
10th-Jun-2008 04:31 am
sarah's palm
hello everyone,

i started a daily degree symbols project a couple months ago in an older journal that i repurposed for this use, aspetta . i originally invited friends of my personal journal to join in the project either as onlookers or casual commentators, but i realized today that i might have much richer participation if i sent the invite out to astrology communities.  so, i hope that this isn't inappropriate or against community rules, but some people here with a little bit more advanced interest in the degrees of the zodiac might be interested in lurking or taking part.

here's my unlocked journal entry where i discuss what the degree symbols project is and what i (at least at the time) intended to do with it.

basically i'm working with sabian, kozminksy, sepharial and charubel symbols. 
i'm trying to do these everyday, but sometimes (as most of this month's sun transit through gemini will attest), life gets in the way and i might miss some days. 

anyone who wants to join and participate please take a gander and add the journal aspetta to your f-list.  i'll most welcome any insights, comments, etc anyone has about the symbols, the project, or things astro-related.
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