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19th-Jun-2007 01:46 pm - house interceptions
sarah's palm
i'm starting to look at house cusps, their rulers, and interceptions in charts lately.  i can't seem to find very much information about interceptions; the general take i'm getting from them is that the sign that intercepts a house can be used in a secondary way to interpret the way things happen in that house.

do any of you have much dealings/thoughts/practice with house interceptions?

am i correct in thinking that charts with lots of interceptions have to do entirely with someone born at an "odd" time of day?

i have nine house interceptions in my chart, for example.  i was born at 1:56 pm CST. 

anyone who has anything to add to my (mis?)understanding of this astrological issue would find me greatly appreciative.
16th-Jun-2007 07:50 am - article on Lilith
I posted a new article on Lilith to my website yesterday, reflecting my research and experiences, and work with clients over the last year with the archetype prominent in their lives:
Hello everyone,

I hope this is not unwelcome. I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be presenting a workshop on the Progressed Moon at the end of this month. Details behind the cut.

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17th-Mar-2007 03:53 pm - freaky weird karmic coincidences
sarah's palm
thank you all for your varied and intelligent answers to my last query.  i'm just wondering something about family charts since i just recently (um, last night) got my parents to cough up their birth times directly from their birth certificates.

there are 4 people in my immediate family: mom, dad, me and (estranged from me) sister.  in comparing charts now that i have the parent's data, all four of us have T-squares.  my father and i even share our t-squares in all the same signs, even to the vertex being the same for both of us.  how common is it among families for something like this to occur?  what in general would it mean for all four members of the same family to have the same aspect pattern?  should i read it that we were all karmically destined to be blood?  that my father and i are sympatico because our t's are in the same signs? 

it's boggling my mind a little bit, looking at this.  but in a good way :)
8th-Mar-2007 10:05 pm - The Arabic Parts again...
I posted a question about the Arabic Parts in synastry and I didn't really get an answer (in astrology), so I'll try to make it more general... any personal experience with the Arabic Parts you could tell me about would be really apprecaited too...

OK... in synastry... if someone activates your Arabic Parts... is it felt mutually?

Like, let's say... your partner's planet activates your Arabic Parts of Happiness... does that mean you will both feel the "happiness"... or will the planet person only make the Arabic Parts person feel the effect?

5th-Mar-2007 07:17 pm - Nifty Site!

It'll allow you to input your birth data (and usually will pinpoint it to the hospital you were born in) and will generate a chart that can rotate all the planets like a clock... using Java, but it's still nifty as hell.

The only drawback is that almost the whole thing is in Greek. Very frustrating, but it's still cool to look at.

Does anyone know how to turn the site into English? When I entered the site I did click on the "English" side to enter, but I still got Greek.

Just thought I'd share! =)

♥ ~ J

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4th-Mar-2007 12:01 pm - question about t-squares
sarah's palm
hello there...first time poster but long time lurker :)

i've been a little confused about T-squares.  can T-squares only involve three planets?  what if the vertex of the T-square were someone's ASC?  And I've also read varying accounts that T-squares have to all be in the same mode/triplicity...is this something up for debate?  Or something that is properly agreed upon?

thanks in advance for your insights
1st-Mar-2007 04:53 pm - Planets Returning to Natal Positions
I'm trying to learn about astrology by studying my own natal chart. I've been told that's the best way to "get my feet wet" so to speak. I've always been really curious about myself and my natal chart, but now I've got wonderings about my astrological "evolution" (for lack of a better word).

I've been reading about planets returning to their natal positons and when, and I got to wondering if there a site (or someone willing to break it down for me) explaining when (preferably specific dates for each going back to at least 1980, my birth year) each of the planets return to their natal positions in one's lifetime, the significances, impacts, life lessons, etc that each one brings.

Any volunteers to help me on this endeavor will be forever and eternally appreciated and have my undying respect and/or adoration!

♥ ~ J

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31st-Jan-2007 06:19 pm - Major Lurker, First Time Post
To start, I am a complete novice at astrology. The more I try to understand it, the more confused I get. However, I will try not to be a pain in the ass with this post, and if it is deemed inapproprite by the mod(s), I apologize and will not be offended if it is deleted.

Anyhow... I have a couple of quick questions that have been bouncing around in my brain for awhile, so here goes:

On my natal chart, it said that Uranus is exalted in Scorpio. What, in a nutshell, does this mean?

When reading horoscopes, it is best to rely on the Sun sign or the Ascendant sign?

Is there any aspect that would attribute to procrastination, scatter-brainedness, disorganization, etc?

What is the best and/or easiest way for me to learn astrology? I have little time to myself (due to being a SAHM of 2 kidlets), but I really want to try to learn as much as I can. I have the Kiss Guide to Astrology and it's interesting, but not enough for me. Any pointers/advice?

Thanks, ya'll... I hope everyone is having a good day and week!

♥ ~ J

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27th-Jan-2007 04:36 pm - new members, and stepping down
Just added four new members - guys, feel free to post and introduce yourselves.


And, some of you might have seen, I stepped down from moderating astrology. It was totally overwhelming me to see the constant barrage of questions from people who don't have the patience to understand why their questions are more complex than they seem. It was actually kind of ruining my love of astrology. I wasn't responding to that many posts but just reading them on my friends page every day was killin' me.
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