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my god, it's full of stars

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This is a community for practicing and studying astrologers. If you are looking for an open community to ask general questions about your chart or astrology, please check out astrology. For fun chart guessing games please check out guessmysign.

This community is technically closed - You must request membership via LJ here to gain access to the community. We are very open to new members who are interested in the study of astrology. Keeping the community closed, thus meaning there's an extra step before you can post, is a way to be sure only people who are dedicated to studying and learning about astrology post here.

Feel free to make posts friends only, but if your post doesn't contain sensitive info, it might be nice to leave it public for the benefit of curious non-members.

There are no rules other than be civil to each other, and if a fellow astrologer uses personal examples & charts, please keep that information within the community.

Non Members:
If you are not a member of the community and you respond to posts here, please be respectful of the time of the astrologers in this group. We may or may not respond to questions. astrology is the best place to ask questions about astrology and have them answered.

To Join:
First, leave a comment in the first post in the journal, here. Describe your relationship to astrology and the history of your interest in it. Don't worry about trying to impress anyone, all we want to know is that you are interested in a deeper study of astrology.
After you've posted, please come back to this page and click this link, so we can add you to the community. You will need to click the button to verify that you want to join.